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A half hour later he said he better get to work on those rolls of film and he headed to his room, got his equipment, went to the bathroom and got to work. Thanks for posing for me. He told me what I pretty much already knew from the notice, saying he didn't have much time to talk because he had to get to work. Now there was one thing about my roommate agreement with Ron. It was slightly bitter and extremely thick. The day before I had driven across country- I had been accepted at a small Grad School, only students but they specialized in my field of study.

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The next few weeks went fine. I looked down at the first picture. His body was oiled. I didn't know what to think. We got out and Ron promptly removed his clothes, just keeping on his sandals. There hanging on that wall was every one of the 20 pictures of me that he had developed from that day on the ranch- including the ones of Ron straddling me with me fucking him. Not 30 seconds later he muttered "Close your eyes" and he drew his incredibly long shaft towards my face.

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Ron introduced me to him then they sat down on the couch and discussed the photos. At one point, as I unpacked, I heard the bathroom door open and looked over out my open bedroom door. He never put on clothes the rest of the day- just doing his laundry while working on putting the photos on matte boards. The next morning I got up and he showed me the pictures he had printed. Move around a bit and I'll just keep snapping. I used the bathroom then he moved in his equipment from his bedroom, shut the bathroom door and went to work. Not 30 seconds later he muttered "Close your eyes" and he drew his incredibly long shaft towards my face.

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